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Thank you for your purchase of the EZ Mash Tun system.  The EZ Mash Tun is an inexpensive, effective and EZ way to mash grains for all grain brewing.  EZ to set-up, EZ to use and EZ to clean, this mash system is great for home brewers who would like to get introduced to all grain brewing, current all grain brewers who would like an extra mash tun for other sized batches that their current mash system will not do efficiently or anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of all grain brewing without spending a lot of money on the mash tun.  The EZ system can be used on any 5 gallon or larger round style cooler or 5 gallon or larger food grade bucket.


Get your EZ Mash Tun for just $12.95

*$2.00 Flat Rate shipping charge for orders within the U.S. only

What size mash tun should I use?
5 gallon coolers can efficiently mash 7 to 12 pounds of grains.  
10 gallon coolers can efficiently mash from 10 to 22 pounds of grains.       

30 day money back guarantee…

For international orders click here.
To order internationally, send your complete address and include the number of EZ Mash Tuns requested.  We will get a total, including shipping, and send you a bill through Paypal.

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Also available from these fine brewing supply stores:

High Country Home Brew
34375 U.S. HWY 285
Pine, CO 80470
Phone: (303) 838-0199

Beer At Home
4393 South Broadway
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone: 303-789-3676

Here are some links that will prove helpful with setup and use of your new EZ Mash Tun System:

Mash/Sparge water info:

To calculate the mash/sparger water use the following link: http://www.brew365.com/mash_sparge_water_calculator.php

Cooler info:

Step Bit:

Should your cooler need the spigot hole enlarged, the best way to accomplish this is with a “step” drill bit.

Hole Saw:

If using a food grade bucket, a hole saws is the easiest way to make a hole in the bucket for the spigot.


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